How To Get Free Repeats And Beat Your Best Score

Chances are you came here looking for ways to get free Repeats for the game. You came to the right place! Simply follow the instructions here to get your game reward.


If this is your first time to visit this site or you are new to Super Brain Game then here’s a quick intro on how to play it. Make sure you have Super Brain Game installed on your iOS device. On every level you will be presented with a unique sequence of tiles to memorize. Once you hear the word “Go” tap the tile sequence that you remember as fast as you can. Each level uses a timer to determine how fast you were able to repeat the given pattern. The faster you finish the sequence, the higher your bonus points will be.

Now for the game rewards. They are classified into two types – promo and daily.

Promo rewards are one-time use only and may have an expiration date. Try to reserve this kind of reward when you are aiming to set a new best score. The best time to use it is when you reach a high level Checkpoint in the game – like levels above 56 and you are close to running out of Repeats. After reaching a Checkpoint you can safely go back to the game menu and temporarily quit the game.

Before you start collecting the free in-app-gifts, make sure you are using the latest version of Super Brain Game. Here are places where you can get promo rewards:

  1. Click here to get an instant 25 free Repeats worth US$1.99.
  2. Our Facebook Fan Page also has a post where you can get 25 free Repeats. Every time we release a new version we also give away free Repeats.
  3. We also do the same in our Twitter page. Just look for the promo link in our tweets.
  4. There is a post in our Google+ page that contains a promo link similar to our Twitter and Facebook page.
  5. Search Google, Yahoo or Bing for “Super Brain Game.” You might stumble upon a new website with a different promo link.

Daily rewards as the name implies can be used once a day. It’s best to bookmark these locations so you can go back and visit them every day. You can claim these rewards before you start to play and rack up your Repeats.

Here are places where you can get daily rewards:

  1. Click here to get instant 10 free Repeats worth US$0.99. Bookmark this page and use the promo link daily.
  2. Look for and click the “Play Game” button on our Facebook page. It will give you 10 free Repeats that you can use daily. You might want to “Like” our Facebook page to make it easier for you to go back there.
  3. Read articles in our website. Near the end of each article check if there is a special link for free Repeats. If there is none then proceed to the next Recommended Reading. Note that the special link will appear at random. Not all articles will have a special link.

Starting with version 1.2, the helper dogs will give you free Repeats if you tap it in the game menu. One helper dog will appear at random in the game menu.

That’s it. Good luck and go beat your best score!


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