$1 Million - How Long Will it Take to Give it Away?

A little disclaimer before you start reading the entire article. It’s not $1 million in cash. The developer of Super Brain Game is conducting a social experiment to find out how long it will take to give away $1 million worth of in-app-gifts.

$1 Million Giveaway Social Experiment

This concept is not new. If you play Clash of Clans or Castle Clash you are given daily rewards indirectly by harvesting your gold mines and elixir collectors. You probably will stop playing the game if you are to buy everything but do you ever wonder how much it would cost if you are to buy them all the time? Of course this is base on the assumption that you have an infinite amount of cash to spend on an in-app-purchase.

To participate in this social experiment you first need to download the Super Brain Game app and start using it. Don’t redeem the free rewards yet. Try to play the game and see how far your memory can take you. If you’re smart you probably can unlock several achievements easily. Every achievement you unlock has a corresponding reward. The app can only hold a maximum of 99 Repeats at any given time. Any amount above that limit will be discarded. This is where the three helper dogs will become handy. If you have too many Repeats available then it’s wise to use one of the helper dogs if you are already beyond level 16. Unfortunately, the helper dogs are somewhat picky. One of them may or may not appear to help you finish a level.

Once you run out of Repeats then it’s time to hunt those free rewards online. Follow the instructions here to get started. While the social experiment is on-going you don’t need to purchase anything within the app. You just need to be patient in hunting those free rewards online. Regularly visit the home page and see how fast or how slow the progress of the giveaway. The more friends you tell about this social experiment the better.

About the app:
The Super Brain Game is a free brain training app for adults and children that endeavors to help memory skills. It requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is a universal app that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

How to play:
On every level you will be presented with a unique sequence of tiles to memorize. Once you hear the word “Go” tap the tile sequence that you remember as fast as you can. Each level uses a timer to determine how fast you were able to repeat the given pattern. The faster you finish the sequence, the higher your bonus points will be. Watch the short preview video below for a sample game play.


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