Brain Games Are Good For Your Mind – Now They’re Cheaper & Easier Than Ever

If you struggle with your memory or concentration, if you are concerned with your child’s academic performance, or if you just want your family to be as sharp as possible, consider brain training games.

Brain games challenge your mind with fun, short games that train your memory, focus and cognitive function. For instance, a game challenging you to remember the placement of specific tiles on a board is an excellent memory workout. Word games can help improve literacy and focus. Brain games work because our brains have an inherent ability to change themselves by remodeling nerve cell connections after experience (this ability is known as neuroplasticity). With each game, your mind improves itself, and in the long run has shown to markedly improve overall brain function.

Fight Memory Loss

For kids, the benefits of brain training may be even greater, helping improve child literacy, numeracy and even IQ. Kids who use brain games have been demonstrated marked academic performance as well – going from the bottom of their class to the top, all by exercising their mind just a few extra minutes a day. In adults, brain training games have been shown to workout existing gray matter, and help stave off memory loss and dementia that comes with age. These games have also been shown to boost the dendrites in the human brain that are responsible for processing information. So not only will you and your kids’ minds be working better and more efficiently, but they’ll be working faster as well.

With all of the benefits of brain games, you might think that they would be time consuming, intense or expensive. However, brain games are actually fun, fast, and free! Just working out your mind for an hour total in a week, brain games have been shown to markedly improve cognitive function. Plus, with the rise of smartphone apps, great brain games are now available for free and on-the-go.

A great one is Super Brain Game, which offers 99 levels of memory training that works well for both kids and adults. It also allows you to share your progress, so you can challenge your friends! Play as you get ready in the morning, on your daily commute, during a TV commercial break, or just when you have a few spare minutes. Trying out some brain exercises is simple, easy and fun! By working out your mind, you will improve your brain’s cognitive function, and for your kids the benefit of brain exercise could be even greater.


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