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So you have some free time and you have no idea what to do? I guess staring at the ceiling is kind of getting boring already so why don’t you try something interesting, fun and easy to get into?

Sounds good to you? Well, it’s time to try some free mind games on your smartphone! Just think about it: you get to have some relaxing time, while training your brain and improving your cognitive abilities. That sounds like a win-win situation to me! You can start your own brain training program at any moment and the options are virtually endless. There are logic games, memory puzzles and many other ones that will allow you to get into it, in no time!

The internet has millions of options to offer in terms of free games to play and you will be able to find almost any kind of game from any genre you want. There are literally thousands of sites devoted to mini games and mind games that you can just access for free, without any major hardware of software requirements. If you add to that, the almost infinite amount of free games in the app stores and the ones that come from independent publishers, we are talking about a pretty big pool of options that you can just submerge into. Paid games are also an alternative to consider, but maybe you are not willing to pay the prize or maybe you just don’t have the money, so let’s focus on the free ones right now.

Brain Training

To keep your mind in top shape, playing brain games is the way to go. If you want the best results, it is recommended that you play at least one or two 15-minute sessions every day. Let’s face it: sometimes we spend lots of time doing nothing at all and wasting it, so spending a few minutes a day to get some nice brain training will cost you nothing! Besides, we are not talking about a chore you have to do; we are talking about just spending some moments playing a relaxing game that happens to put your grey matter to work!

Training your brain with free online mind games or apps is a very fun way to improve your memory, concentration, reasoning and many other skills. If you don’t know where to start (you know, because there are almost infinite options out there!) we’ve got you covered. Super Brain Game is the way to go; it gives you a full-brain workout, because it activates small sets of mental attributes with different challenges that strengthen diverse mental abilities. This game focuses on improving your memorization skills mostly, especially by working those short-term memory capabilities, but you will find how it trains nearly all parts of your brain, and all of this for free!

Super Brain Game is an app that will focus in training your short-term memory, working memory, remembering pattern skills, so you are going to need a lot of focus and concentration! Remember: all these skills are very valuable at school, work and everyday life in general. In fact according to many respectable studies, brain games can help you prevent Alzheimer's disease, so go figure how important this can be. One of the best things about this is that you can also play against your friends and decide who has the best brain and the best memory! If you really want to get into free mind games, I’d say this is probably the choice to go because it is complete and fun overall. So, get that phone to work and go get it in the app store right now!


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