Your Brain Needs Exercise Too

It used to be a common theory that our brains were like a computer, one that could be overloaded by using it too much and too often.

Yet, recent studies in neuroscience show that our brains are more like a muscle, and are far more likely to waste away from underuse than overuse. Just like your muscles, the human brain needs to be kept active in order to perform at its best. Even more amazingly, the human mind can improve upon itself, making itself more efficient and faster as it’s kept active (this ability is known as neuroplasticity). It is therefore important to work out your brain, just like you work out your body to keep it healthy. Brain exercises will keep your mind performing its best and even improve itself over time.

Definition of Exercise

In adults, brain training games have been shown to workout existing gray matter, and help stave off memory loss and decreasing attention that comes with age. These games have also been shown to boost the dendrites in your brain that are responsible for processing information. Just as working out your body has long term health benefits, so does working out your mind. A US Government study found that people were able to improve their reasoning and processing skills using brain training exercises, and that the effects of these exercises were still detectable 10 years later. So if you are concerned with maintaining your memory and focus with age, brain exercises are an excellent tool to help.

For kids, the benefits of brain exercises may be even greater, helping improve child literacy, numeracy, memory, focus and even IQ. Kids who use brain exercises have been demonstrated marked academic performance as well – going from the bottom of their class to the top. Perhaps more importantly, kids who exercise their mind have been shown to develop better executive functions – functions which include communication skills, organizational skills, and even social skills. Strengthened executive functions will enable your child to be more successful academically, become better able to cope with life’s daily challenges and improve their ability to relate with others – leading to a more satisfying and productive life. All of this can be achieved by exercising their mind just a few extra minutes a day.

Participating in brain exercises for just an hour total over the course of a week has been shown to help improve memory recall, lengthen attention spans, and better overall cognitive function. So if you want to workout your mind, it’s easy by doing it for just a few minutes every day. Plus with the rise of smartphone brain exercising apps, working out your mind is easy on the go. A great one is Super Brain Game, which offers 99 levels of memory training that works well for both kids and adults. It also allows you to track and share your progress, so you can see your own improvements and challenge your friends! Play as you get ready in the morning, on your daily commute, during a TV commercial break, or just when you have a few spare minutes. Trying out some brain exercises is simple, easy and fun! By working out your mind, you will improve your brain’s cognitive function, and for your kids the benefit of brain exercise could be even greater.


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